Our Commitment to Sustainability

We’re on a mission to change the way businesses operate, help educate customers and communities, and put a stop to mindless plastic consumption that is choking our oceans and waterways.

One of the greatest threats to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

Turning Waste Into Sustainable Products

Making coconut bowls

The Coconut tree is a significant and very valuable resource, with a wide variety of uses making it one of the most sustainable plants on the planet.

We choose to work with raw materials such as coconut shells and coconut palm that are a by product of the coconut agriculture industry. This helps us drastically reduce the need for new raw materials and the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators.

Upcycling Coconut Shells

Making coconut bowls

Of the billions of coconuts harvested each year, 99% of their shells are discarded and burned as waste. The team at Coconutsy reclaims these coconut shells and create beautiful coconut bowls, plates, cups and coconut candles.

We borrow from mother nature and always innovate with her best interests in mind.

Turning Waste Into Sustainable Products

We source all our products from sustainable and ethical sources and only use resources that would have otherwise been burnt or buried in landfill.

Every time someone buys a coconut bowl they are upcycling a resource that would have otherwise been wasted. This is where we would like to say 'THANKS' you just saved a coconut! 

Upcycling Coconut Palms

The coconut palm tree

Coconut palms grow quickly and have a very productive life producing coconuts, food, oil, charcoal and the timber can be used for furniture and other wooden crafts.

Coconut palms are not harvested until coconut production has come to an end. Typically this harvest comes after 70 years making it one of the most sustainable trees on the planet.

Buying coconut products that are certified organic helps ensure that the local ecology and people weren’t put at risk from chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

We source timber offcuts from plantations that do not use pesticides or insecticides to make our spoons, forks and chopsticks.

The texture of the wood is beautiful and quite unique consisting of denser black fibres that create its strength and durability making them perfect for making cutlery.

We Close The Loop

Close the loop business

All our products are 100% natural and can go back to the earth after they are at the end of their life. Reducing our waste not only keeps valuable materials out of landfill it also benefits the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and our need for new materials.

We work together with farmers, suppliers, customers, recyclers and manufacturers to reclaim valuable materials and use them to make new eco-friendly and zero-waste products.

No Plastic is Fantastic

Coconutsy creates beautiful coconut bowls

Say goodbye to plastic. All our orders are shipped with reusable boxes and recycled paper in an effort to reduce plastic waste and replace them with the best eco-friendly alternatives. We even repurpose boxes from our suppliers and manufactures in an effort to reduce our footprint.

The average Australian uses 130 kg of plastics per person each year. And a whopping 130,000 tonnes of plastic will likely end up in waterways and into the ocean.

We Only Use Sustainable Packaging

When you shop with us you can be sure no plastic will be used and your unboxing experience is not tainted by huge amounts of non-recyclable plastic. We only use biodegradable and compostable packing materials.

Eco-friendly packaging

  • Recycled Cardboard Boxes
    All our products are delivered in 100% recycled, Australian made cardboard boxes that are made from recycled fibers and Kraft paper. Best of all when you are done with the delivery box you can use it again or recycle it yourself.

  • Kraft Packing Tape
    Rather than use the cheaper plastic packing tape that ends in the bin and then sits in landfill for decades, we choose to use kraft packing tape which is biodegradable and compostable.

  • Tissue Packing Paper
    To make sure your items are not damaged during transit we wrap all our products in recycled white tissue paper and or use it for interleaving between products.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

We all have a carbon footprint, it’s really difficult not to when most things around us are powered by the burning of fossil fuels.

Sustainable Delivery

We are proud to have partnered with Australia Post who are committed to delivering better environmental outcomes. With every Coconutsy order you send, you're supporting carbon-offset projects that have positive environmental impacts.

Together, we've removed 6,814,035 kgs of CO2 so far!

We are also doubling our commitment to reduce our carbon emissions by partnering with CarbonClick. You can help by adding a small contribution to your basket which purchases even more carbon offsets.

CarbonClick Certified Member

Every order you make contributes to global reforestation!